Simon Åkesson Quits Moon Safari

It is with mixed feelings that we announce that after serious consideration Simon Åkesson has decided to quit his band commitments.

This decision does not come lightly for him, but circumstances in his life over the last couple of years as he’s been having trouble with alcohol (that he’s now making a serious attempt to get free from) has left him uninspired. He’s a man who always gives 100% in everything he does musically, and as he feels he can’t do that right now this decision, sad as it may be, is the logical one. He needs a break, period.

If and when he feels he’s in a better place to be an active member again we’ll of course also welcome that decision, and him, with open arms. But, at this point we all feel his health and his well-being is the most important thing.

There’s really no way to express how important he’s been to Moon Safari as a band. And it’s even harder still to explain the joy he’s brought to the rest of us as a fellow traveller, friend and inspiration.

We’ll just say that when the human race first makes contact with another species, send Simon! They’ll all be laughing together about the absurdities of life within an hour, and he’ll probably have them harmonizing by the end of the first day! He’s just that good. And he’ll be sorely missed.

The remaining five members will now focus on completing Himlabacken Vol. 2. As far as the live work is concerned we’ve yet to reach a decision on a replacement for the lead keyboard. You’ll know more when we do.

Moon Safari

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