Where Can I Buy Himlabacken Vol. 2?

VINYL https://burningshed.com/.../moon-safari_himlabacken-vol-2... CD https://burningshed.com/.../moon-safari_himlabacken-vol-2_cd https://thebandwagonusa.com/.../moon-safari-himlabacken... https://www.lasercd.com/cd/himlabacken-vol-2-preorder https://justforkicks.de/.../16103/himlabacken-vol.-2-cd... https://enkopingsskivbors.se/.../moon-safari-himlabacken.../ Himlabacken Vol. 2 (24​-​bit audio) download Himlabacken Vol. 2 (24-bit audio) | Moon Safari (bandcamp.com)

New Moon Safari Shirts Available!

New Moon Safari shirts are now available both through Burning Shed in the UK and The Band Wagon USA in the US. There is a slight variation on the UK versions of the prints compared to the US, hardly noticeable but still worth mentioning. Check the Burning Shed site for the correct pictures. The printing [...]

Moon Safari Back In London!

We're pleased to announce that Moon Safari will be playing Boston Dome in Tufnell Park on Sunday 6 October 2024. Last time we were in London in 2016 we played with Yes at the Royal Albert Hall, so slightly more modest accomodations this time, but there's nothing like a club show to connect with the [...]