On the Easter weekend we all gathered in Skellefteå for a photo shoot, and we also added some finishing touches to the last track we still haven't sent out to Rich Mouser for mixing, including a bunch of vocals and a sweet sounding saxophone solo by our good friend Jamison Smeltz. So here's the status [...]

Moon Safari announced for Night of the Prog 2021

After the unavoidable cancellation of Night of the Prog 2020, we now have better news! Moon Safari are announced for Night of the Prog 2021 at the world heritage site in Lorelei, Germany. #moonsafari #moonsafariofficial #moonsafaritour #nightoftheprog #lorelei Tickets purchased for 2020 remain valid for 2021. If you want to buy a 2021 ticket, go here: [...]

  1. Constant Bloom Moon Safari 1:27
  2. Methuselah's Children Moon Safari 15:43
  3. Yasgur's Farm Moon Safari 8:06