The World’s Best Dreamers (Moon Safari) – Piano Cover By Aline Meireles

I’m a classical pianist who loves prog! I’m Brazilian (from Belo Horizonte). My parents are musicians (both pianists) and I play the piano since I was 4. My father is a prog fan and he also used to play some  prog songs on the piano/keyboards. I grew up listening to Rick Wakeman, ELP, Triumvirat, Renaissance, Focus… 

2 years ago I decided to do my first cover (just for fun) and I enjoyed it a lot! So I did the second one, the third one… and then I created my channel!
Last year I heard about Cruise to the Edge for the first time. I checked out the bands that played in 2018 and that’s how I discovered Moon Safari! I found some videos on YouTube and the first one I watched/listened to was Blomljud. OMG, the vocals… it was love at first sight!”