Bad News, Good News

Bad News, Good News Simon Åkesson returns to the line-up as Tomas Bodin is forced to cancel CTTE 2018 performance with Moon Safari. Regrettably, Tomas Bodin is forced to cancel his planned participation on next years Cruise to the Edge festival. His tinnitus has been acting up (see announcement below) and it’s become a problem [...]


There are quite a few wizards behind the ivories in the progressive galaxy – But there’s only one jedi… Ladies, gentlemen, droids and whatnots… The circle is now complete. Meet the master joining MOON SAFARI: Mr. TOMAS BODIN As most of you know, Tomas and Moon Safari go way back. Back to 2003, as a [...]

Simon Åkesson Quits Moon Safari

It is with mixed feelings that we announce that after serious consideration Simon Åkesson has decided to quit his band commitments. This decision does not come lightly for him, but circumstances in his life over the last couple of years as he's been having trouble with alcohol (that he's now making a serious attempt to [...]