Moon Safari Supporting Fish

MOON SAFARI supporting FISH We’re extremely proud to announce that we’ll be sipping iced White Russian with the legendary Fish in October! His music is some of the only prog we agree on within the band, and growing up in the Mountain Village Clutching at Straws was one of those albums that really had an [...]

Cruise to the Edge 2018!

Huge thanks to Larry Morand, Gene Aldridge and everyone in the production crew for making it happen. Thanks to all the wonderful stage workers and behind the scenes people for your professionalism. And, as always, our undying love and admiration to our supporters for coming out to the shows. We had an absolute blast, hope [...]

Bad News, Good News

Bad News, Good News Simon Åkesson returns to the line-up as Tomas Bodin is forced to cancel CTTE 2018 performance with Moon Safari. Regrettably, Tomas Bodin is forced to cancel his planned participation on next years Cruise to the Edge festival. His tinnitus has been acting up (see announcement below) and it’s become a problem [...]